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Arch of Titus

Walking Tour of Rome Forum

The Arch of Titus or Arco di Tito is a good starting point on your ancient Roman Forum walk. It is one of the best preserved monuments and an important part of the history of ancient Rome.

Ancient Roman Forum Arch of Titus

Ancient Roman History

Emporer Domitian, Titus brother built this arch after Titus death to comemorate the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in AD70, predicted by Jesus.

The Jewish people of Israel believed in one God and would not worship the Emporer. This angered Emperor Titus and he attacked Jerusalem and was victorious.

The Romans brought home 50,000 Jewish slaves who were forced to build this arch and the Colosseum. The Titus Arch was completed in AD81.

Ancient Roman Forum Arch of Titus Relief

The reliefs on the arch depict Rome's victory over the Jews and the sacking of the temple in Jerusalem....a triumphal march with Jewish captives and soldiers bearing the Golden Table, two censers and the Seven Branched Candlestick or Menorah.

Titus brought these sacred spoils to Rome and Vespasian placed them in his Temple of Peace.

The ceiling shows Titus riding an eagle to heaven to become one of the gods.

Ancient Roman Forum Arch of Titus Ceiling
L. Ahrendt

During the Middle Ages the arch was turned into a tower called Turris Chartularia and it was part of the Frangipane Fortress. In 1821 the Fortress was taken down and the Arch of Titus was restored.

Don't miss the Roman Forum and its ancient Roman ruins. It is one of the top Rome tourist attractions.

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