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Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius

Walking Tour of Rome in the Ancient Forum

The Basilica of Constantine or Basilica of Maxentius is a gigantic hall of justice in the Forum in Rome. This is one of the more impressive ruins of Rome to see in the Roman Forum walking tour.

The Roman Forum Basilica of Constantine and Massenzio

Eight colossal columns once decorated the interior and three huge arches remain from this once opulent hall.

The Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine was as long as a football field.

Basilica of Constantine and Maxentius Floor Plan

Also called the Basilica of Maxentius, it was divided into three separate aisles....2 side aisles and a main aisle down the center.

The side aisles were divided into 3 transversal chapels covered by a coffered barrel vault. The main central aisle was covered by a cross vault.

The roof was 130 feet high and was held up by 50 closely spaced columns. It could accommodate thousands of people at a time.
Constantine hand from Capitolene Muesum

On the West end of the Constantine Basilica was an enormous statue of Emperor Constantine on a throne.

Some remaining pieces of the statue including a huge hand are on display at the Capitoline Museum.

Emperor Maxentius began building this hall and Emperor Constantine finished it after he defeated Maxentius in a battle for the throne.

It is suggested that inspiration for the plan of St. Peter's Basilica may have come from the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine.

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