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Best Ancient Rome Attractions

Favorite Tourist Attractions in Rome
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The ancient Rome Attractions are the most famous Rome Italy sights.

They center around the world famous Roman Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum.

I'll never forget the first time I saw these spectacular ancient attractions in Rome. The contrast of cars, buses and bustling 21st century life surrounding these awesome ancient ruins seemed almost surreal.

As you stroll these ancient Rome attractions, imagine the gladiators fighting bloody battles in the Colosseum and the Forum, which was center of political, social and religious life in ancient times, crowded and bustling with people.
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Top Ancient Rome Italy Attractions

Here are the most important ancient Rome tourist attractions:

  • Colosseum in Rome - Roman gladiators fought bloody battles with wild animals in this magnificent arena
  • The Roman Forum - important center of life in ancient Rome
  • Roman Pantheon - best preserved ancient site and the only one that is still in use
  • Circus Maximus - the scene of vicious chariot races
  • Palatine Hill - Romulus killed his brother Remus here
  • Arch of Constantine - monument commemorating Emporer Constantine's victory over rival Maxentius
  • Baths of Diocletian - built in AD300 by Emperor Diocletian, held 3000 bathers at a time
  • Caracalla Baths - the Baths of Caracalla or Caracalla Therme is the largest Roman ruin besides the Colosseum
  • Roman Aqueducts - 11 aqueducts were built between BC312 and AD206 to bring Romans fresh water
  • Rome Catacombs - tunnels built as burial places for Christians during ancient Roman times when the dead could not be buried within the walls of Rome
  • Ostia Antica - these port town ruins, similar to Pompeii, can be explored on a day trip from Rome

Ancient Rome Maps

This interacitve map of ancient Rome shows the location of ancient sites when you place your cursor on it. Try adjusting the map with the arrows and the + and - signs.

These ancient Rome Italy attractions, along with Vatican City Rome, are absolute must-sees on Rome vacations. But, that's not all....there are many other excellent choices for sightseeing in Rome including Rome Tours.

Ready to explore ancient Rome? Let's check out these famous historical sites....

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