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Rome Hotel Accademia Review

Hotel Accademia Roma review is located at Piazza dell'Accademia di San Luca, 75 00187 Rome, Italy 066 9922607. My family and I stayed at Hotel Accademia in Rome over the summer of this year, looking for a new place to vacation. Seeing as we have never been to Rome, we picked Albergo Accademia Roma after many hours of researching.

The location of the hotel is incredible and not only because it’s located near the Trevi Fountain. It is also incredible because everything is in walking distance to great sites as well as some of the most amazing shopping centers I have ever seen in my life. It seemed like as soon as we stepped out of the hotel, we were in the middle of all the action and it was amazing.

Personally what I liked about the hotel was the hourly transport service. Seeing as my mother is an early bird, she was usually out and about before my father and I even woke up. This was such an amazing service because my father and I get lost easily, and if we would have walked around looking for different portions of the city, we would have ended up lost within about twenty minutes.

I also liked the breakfast buffet every morning, which we loved to indulge in every morning we were there. When searching for hotels, we saw the pictures of Roma Hotel Accademia, but we had no idea how beautiful they would be in person. Our room was an off white, almost grey color and to me in reminded me a lot of an Asian type of theme. The rooms were very cool, comfortable and relaxing. The beds were also soft and to my liking. Seeing as I don’t sleep on a bed, I could barely get up every morning. I just wanted to lie in bed for the entire vacation, and believe me I would have been very happy there. The public rooms were a bit more crowded then I would have liked, but they were absolutely beautiful. The lighting and atmosphere was simply breathtaking, and when my parents and I would be there almost alone, it was absolute bliss. I loved how they had all the lighting to complement one another, as well as how it was dark lit, yet still light enough to see everyone and to see where you were walking.

As for pricing, we were there for a total of eight days, we spent about one hundred and thirty dollars per night, making our total cost around one thousand, one hundred and sixty dollars. I cannot be exactly sure since my parents are the ones who paid. Hotel Accademia was my favorite hotel because to me it simply captured everything Rome is. Each morning when I woke up I knew that I was in Rome, I could feel and taste it. Everyone we met, whether they worked there or were traveling as well, was incredibly nice and friendly. I definitely think families no matter how big or small would love to stay there, as well as couples.

Check out current rates at Albergo Accademia Roma.

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