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If you are interested in Rome Rental cars, my recommendation would be to reconsider using a car in Rome. Either rent a car at a Rome airport, use it for travel outside of Rome and return it before your holiday in Rome or wait until after your visit to Rome and use an Italy car rental for the remainder of your vacation in Italy.

On our last trip we decided to use a rental car in Italy. We picked up our Rome rental car when we arrived at the airport, traveled to Tuscany and the Amalfi coast (both fantastic) and then dropped the car back at Fuimicino airport and took the train into Rome. We bought a 3 day Metro pass, using the buses, metro and many Rome walks to travel in Rome. Check out this Rome tourist guide for more travel details.

Reasons Not to use a Car rental in Rome

  • Parking is very difficult and expensive
  • Driving is crazy in Rome - narrow streets, lots of pedestrians and lots of traffic
  • It's probably faster to get places walking or on the metro
  • You miss out on the adventure of walking the charming streets of Rome and making wonderful discoveries

That being said, using Rome rental cars for driving outside of Rome is not a problem. As I mentioned above, we did that on one of our last vacations in Italy.

Tips on Renting a Car in Italy

Driving Italy car rentals is an especially good way to see Tuscany and Umbria. The beautiful hill towns and lovely countryside are difficult to see without a car.

Here are some things we learned from our experience using an Italy car rental on this Rome, Amalfi and Tuscany Italy vacation.

  • Make sure and get CDW insurance, etc. for your Rome rental cars
  • Italians drive VERY fast and pass everywhere including on curves
  • It takes a lot longer to get places than you think it's going to take. Many of the roads are very curvy. Take this into consideration when you are planning your itinerary. I thought we were going to get to a lot more hill towns in Tuscany and Umbria then we actually did.
  • The best way to cut down on travel time is to use the Autostrada when possible. The traffic moves VERY fast (except when you hit construction, accidents, etc.).
  • There are NO road number signs. You are directed by following signs toward a major town or city...this gets tricky because there are many forks in the road, signs with many directions and not much time to read the signs. We found out it is very important to have a detailed driving map of Italy including the small roads (especially in Tuscany and Umbria).
  • Most car rentals in Italy are manual transmission. It is expensive for automatic Rome rental cars, so if you are looking for the cheapest car rental in Italy you will have to be drive a car with a manual transmission.
  • The cars in Italy are very SMALL. Don't expect to be driving a big, luxurious American car. It would be very expensive and with such narrow roads, tiny parking spaces and the cost of gas it isn't practical.
  • Make sure and inspect your Italy car rental carefully for previous damage, nicks, scratches, etc. and have them noted. Most cars there seemed to have lots of "bumps and bruises". Understandable when you realize: how tight the parking, narrow the roads, etc.
  • Find out a head of time how to get back to the location for dropping the car. We drove around for 2 hours trying to find our rental car drop off and we would have missed our flight if we would have been departing that day.

It is not cheap to rent a car in Italy. To find a discount car rental you will have to do some searching. I found the cheapest car rental in Italy at Economy Car Rentals. Rates seemed to widely fluctuate. I checked the same rental on the same site a couple of days after I booked it and it was $200 higher.

The one thing I liked about this Italy car rental is that insurance was included. When I came home I did find some negative reviews of the company we used, but we did not have any problems. You have to make sure and print your voucher, confirmation, insurance information and instructions for your Rome rental cars and bring them with you!

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