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Rome to Venice Travel Guide

Wondering how to get from Rome to Venice?

It is about 520 kilometers or 324 miles between Rome and Venice and there are several options for traveling between the two cities. Check out the Rome tourist guide for Rome airport information and travel within Rome.

Here are the details for travel between Rome and Venice....

Flying from Rome to Venice

The fastest way to travel between Rome and Venice is to fly. Air travel can be quite expensive. There are some low cost airlines but to get the cheap airfares between Rome and Venice you have to be very flexible with your day and time of travel.

It is only a one hour flight, but you need to factor in the time it takes to get between Rome and the airport and Venice and the airport plus the extra time for check-in and security. This total time might not be much different than the 3 hour 48 minute Eurostar train.

Also, don't forget the cost for transportation between the Venice and Rome airports and the cities.

Research the best airfare at Bravofly. To get cheap airfares between Rome and Venice (sometimes even 17 Euro on EasyJet) you need to be flexible on day and time. When you do your flight search at Bravofly, the box above and to the right of your search results, has the days of the week that correspond with the date you chose and the lowest airfare for each day.

Train from Rome to Venice

The speedy Eurostar train only takes 3:48. You can purchase train tickets here.

Here are some tips and information to help you read the search results for a train to Venice from Rome on the Trenitalia Italy Train website.

  • Departure – you want Roma TE which is Rome Termini station
  • Arrival – you want VE S.L. which is Venice Santa Lucia station which is actually on the island. These usually also stop at Mestre which is off the island, but some trains only go to Mestre, so make sure you choose VE S.L..
  • Length of Journey of course is how long it takes.
  • Train number – when it says Frecciargento after the number it means an express train.
  • Train category - ES* AV stands for Eurostar High Speed (Alta Velocità). The rest of the trains are “Intercity” and make stops along the way…they will be cheaper and take longer.
  • 1st class (more comfortable and more space) and 2nd class fares.
  • Select – Choose one of the trains to find out all of the fare options for this train….there are often cheap train rates available.

Check out the “Promotions” button to the right of “Timetables and Purchasing” for information on special fares. Smoking is prohibited on all Italian trains.

I read somewhere that Trenitalia, due to high fraud rates on foreign credit cards might prevent several purchases from the same credit card number via Internet. If you are buying several tickets at the same time do them in one transaction using the “Shopping Cart” to avoid any problems.

When you arrive at the train station in Venice, there is a vaporetto (water bus) stop in front of Santa Lucia Train Station and Route #1 goes along the Grand Canal.

Car Rental between Rome and Venice

This might be a good option if you want to stop and do some sightseeing along the way. If you were going to drive straight through it would take about 5 ½- 6 hours to drive to Venice (most of it on the highway) as long as you don’t run into traffic. There are many toll roads in Italy so be prepared to spend a fair amount on tolls.

Check out several companies at one time for the best rates car rental Rome Italy.

Bus between Rome and Venice

It is possible to take the bus, but there is not a national bus, so you will have to change buses in different regions. The bus might be cheaper, but it will take a long time to travel between cities.

I hope this information will help you with your plans for your Rome Italy vacation to decide the best way to get from Rome to Venice and Venice to Rome.

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