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Temple of Saturn

Walking Tour of Rome Forum

The Temple of Saturn can't be missed in a walking tour of the Roman Forum mostly because of its huge presence. It is one of the first things you will notice as you scan the area of Rome ruins.

Ancient Roman Forum Temple of Saturn

The gigantic Greek style columns, from a 4th century restoration following a fire, framed the entrance to the Temple of Saturn.

The eight standing columns face the Curia or Senate House.
the Roman Forum Temple of Saturn Columns

Notice the different colors of the columns which shows a wonderful example of spolia, which is the practice of recycling materials or elements from ancient buildings.

Saturn Temple is the Forum's oldest temple dating from 497BC, founded in the early days of the Roman Republic.

The arched openings in the massive foundations housed the treasury of the Roman government.

Legend of Saturn

The most popular god, Saturn, ruled a "golden age" of prosperity, peace and civil freedom. The Romans believed Saturn's kingdom was Capitoline Hill.

According to legend, the rule of Saturn's son, Jupiter, brought this period to an end. Honoring Saturn with a Temple, the Romans hoped for the return to a better era.

In the end of December, a festival was celebrated in honor of Saturn. Friends and family exchanged gifts and his statue was draped and carried in procession through the city.

There is an excellent view of the Roman Forum from this spot.

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