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Guide for Travel in Rome
Travel Tips for Rome Vacations

Travel in Rome - Are you wondering about the best way of getting around Rome?

Rome is a very walkable city....most of the tourist attractions and sights to see are within walking distance of each other.

But when you get tired or have a bit further to go, what is the best way to travel around Rome? Here are your choices....

Metro Rome Travel Tips - Subway, Buses and Trams

Rome metro is convenient and easy to use. It includes the underground subway, Rome buses, electrico buses and trams.

One ticket is good for any type or combination of Rome area metro transporation. Currently 1 ride is 1 euro and lasts 75 minutes. You can transfer between modes of transportation, only 1 subway entrance though but you can transfer.

Map of Rome Metro Stations

Hold cursor over red "M" on map below for name of Metro stop.

View Rome map with metro stations in a larger map

  • There are 2 Rome subway lines - Line A Battistini-Anagnina and Line B Laurentina-Rebibbia....they cross at Rome Termini station
  • Useful subway stops for travel in Rome....
  • Look for the big red "M" marking the metro entrances
  • Purchase tickets before boarding at metro ticket booths, vending machines, bars, newstands and tobacconists (TABACCHI sign or white "T" on a black background)
  • Make sure and validate your ticket as you travel in Rome. Enter your ticket in the slot at entrance turnstile of Rome underground and train or in yellow machine as you enter buses in Rome, otherwise you could be fined
  • Bus shelters post bus line schedules with destination stops for your travel in Rome
  • Be aware of pick pockets on buses and metros as you travel in Rome, especially busy tourist routes....they work in groups creating commotion to distract

Rome Metro Pass

Rome Metro Passes include unlimited travel on all Rome Metro modes of transportation including urban trains. Current prices are 1 day Metro Pass or BIG is 4 euro, 3 day Metro Pass or BTI is 11 euro and 7 day Metro Pass or CIS is 16 euro.

Roma Pass

The Roma Pass is a great value if you are planning on seeing two of the major tourist sites during Rome City Breaks or Vacations. It is good for 3 days and currently sells for 25 euro and includes:

  • Free entry to the first 2 museums and/or archaeological sites that you go to the most expensive places first.
  • Reduced ticket prices to all other museums and/or archaeological sites that you visit.
  • Free use of Rome's Metro modes of transportation including subway, buses and urban trains (Roma - Lido, Roma - Viterbo for the Roma - Sacrofano section, Roma - Pantano railways lines within the urban territory of the City of Rome).
  • Discounted tickets to other exhibitions and events.

Buy the Roma Pass online or TIs at the airport or in Termini station. You can also try Tabacchi and newstands at Termini station.

Taxi in Rome

If you are pressed for time, it's raining or you just want the convenience of going directly from point A to point B, consider a Rome taxi cab. This is an excellent option when you have lots of luggage and are traveling between the city and the airports in Rome.

There are taxi stands throughout the city. A restaurant or hotel can call a cab for you or you can call 06-88177...the meter starts when the taxi receives the call. It is difficult to hail a cab, since the taxis don't rome the streets but return to the taxi stands. If you are able to hail one make sure the meter is reset when you get in.

Use only licensed taxis which are either yellow or white and have an illuminated "Taxi" sign on the roof.

Biking in Rome

Rome is a good place to bike. Make sure and stay off of the main streets, use the smaller side streets and where a helmet. There are bicycle stands at Piazza del Popolo, Villa Borghese and Piazza Navona where you can lock a bike.

Bike Rental in Rome

  • EcoMoverent scooter and bike rent - Via Varese 48/50, Phone: (0039) 06 44704518
  • TopBike Rental - via dei Quattro Cantoni 40, Phone (0039)06 4882893
  • Spagna Rent - Vicolo del Bottino 8/E, Phone (0039) 339 4277 773

Rome Segway Tour

How about trying a very unique way of getting around Rome? Check out seeing Rome by Segway. This is a fun way to "zip" around Rome!

You might also be interested in looking at these pages to help you plan your Rome Italy vacation....

Hope the information on this page will help you travel around Rome with ease!

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